RHC'S StageMASTER Debuts Line Of USB Adapters For Audio Applications

August 3 2017, 03:00
Life for audio professionals just became easier. StageMASTER, an RHC brand, introduced three brand new USB Record/Play Adapters to its line of audio solutions. These adapters allow to plug analog audio signals - microphone or line level - directly into a computer without the need for additional driver/software installation. Another adapter converts digital audio from a computer directly to balanced analog audio. The only (minor) drawback is, you will need a USB-A to USB-C additional adapter if you're using a new computer.

The first of the three USB Record/Play Adapters is the SMA-USB-8GB-10. This product functions as two adapters in one, with an XLRF for analog to digital conversion and an XLRM for digital to analog out. This option also provides 8GB of on-board storage. The SMA-USB-XLRF adapter converts an external microphone's analog signal to digital, which can be accessed on a Mac or PC. The last addition is the SMA-USB-XLRM, which converts digital audio files from computers into professional balanced analog outputs for running into a mixer for live sound or recording applications.

AD or/and DA conversion (depending of the model) is provided internally by the adapters, and digital audio is fixed at 16-bit and 48kHz.

"StageMASTER is trusted by artists and engineers because it provides a reliable and durable solution to today's musicians," says Darius Seabaugh, vice president of marketing, RHC Audio. "This line of products is simple in design, but provides enough components for the perfect audio set-up."

RHC, located in Jackson, Missouri, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of audio, video, home theater, data and telecommunications interfacing products. Comprising RapcoHorizon, ProCo, RAT, RoadHog and StageMASTER, each RHC brand is used worldwide by concert touring sound companies, video and sound contractors, recording studios, system integrators, musicians, and everyone else. RHC also has a state-of-the-art Custom Shop to modify existing products or build new devices to meet any need.
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