AFMG establishes North American Office

May 27 2014, 13:27
Based in Germany, AFMG (Ahnert Feistel Media Group) is an established software development house for the pro audio industry. AFMG has created the industry standard programs EASE and EASERA for acoustic simulation and measurement, along with related products: EASE Focus, SysTune, EASE Address and EASE SpeakerLab. AFMG works closely with leading university faculties, manufacturers and design clients to apply the latest developments in acoustical research and computer technology.

Constant growth and a broadening range of software tools have been the signs of success for AFMG in the past years. The Berlin-based software firm assumed international distribution of their products in 2012, continuing the expansion of business in Germany and Europe since 2011. AFMG has already been operating with a professional support team for EASE, the industry standard in modeling of electro and room acoustics, in the years before. Now, the founding of AFMG Services North America, LLC (short: ‘AFMG NA’) further underlines AFMG’s aspiration to always be readily available for their customers.

Bruce C. Olson, President AFMG Services North America, LLC.

Headed by President and Founder Bruce C. Olson, the AFMG NA team includes Charlie Hughes and Ana Jaramillo. Mr. Olson is known as an active member of the acoustics and pro-audio community for many years. Taking on responsible positions within the AES and ASA, he is always in touch with the newest developments and has provided countless AFMG software trainings for acoustic consultants, manufacturers, and audio contractors. Bruce’s invaluable knowledge and over 20 years of involvement with AFMG make him the number-one expert for AFMG programs on the American continent.

Charlie Hughes, who joined the AFMG support team already in 2010, is located in North Carolina. With his over 25-year experience in the professional audio industry, Charlie is the authority for loudspeaker system design and assessment of quality loudspeaker data for GLL files, AFMG’s award-winning loudspeaker file format. He is also a much respected expert for AFMG’s measurement programs SysTune and EASERA. In addition to general software classes, he provides manufacturer trainings for EASE SpeakerLab. Charlie, too, is a member of the AES, CEA Standards Groups, and other institutions.

In the Minnesota office, Bruce is supported by Ana Maria Jaramillo. Ana has graduated from Virginia Tech with a PhD in architectural acoustics in 2013 before she joined AFMG. Her broad teaching experience as a professor at two universities in her native Colombia and her focus on room acoustics make Ana the ideal expansion to the team that, so far, was dominated by an electro-acoustic background. Ana’s communication skills, fluent English and Spanish, and her organizational talent make her the preferred contact for customers both in North and South America.

Stefan Feistel, managing director of AFMG in Germany, is very pleased with the success. “We have worked together with our American support team on an excellent basis in the past three years. Increasing brand awareness and sales as well as more seminars and trainings that we are offering increase the need for additional resources. We are very happy to have established a sound basis for AFMG’s presence in America with this step.”

Bruce Olson, president of the newly established firm, adds, “The great demand from loudspeaker manufacturers for FIRmaker, our newest line array optimization technology, to a large degree stems from the US. There are several challenging implementations on which we are currently working. – You can see that we are looking at a bright future! Now that I can rely on such a great team here in the United States we will be able to provide professional support to our customers better than ever before.”
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