FaitalPRO Habla Español—New Website in Spanish

July 31 2014, 13:01
Designed to be closer to its customers and distributors, the new FaitalPRO Spanish website facilitates the search for information that either users, manufacturers, dealers, and distributors will need in Spanish-speaking countries. Following the availability of Chinese and Russian language websites, the new FaitalPRO Spanish version website is also optimized for mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets).

FaitalPRO says the new website is built on a very fast platform and offers visitors an easy-to-use structure. Apart from offering a consistent look when transitioning from the English website to different languages, the new language areas offer complete information and are equipped with a new and powerful search engine that can provide faster and more accurate results.
Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO’s Pro-Audio Division Manager, explains: “Our goal is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of our professional speakers through a hypertext structure which is easily accessible, in order to present the most viable solutions and in a better way to our customers and whoever needs to manufacture professional enclosures for installation, OEM and touring.”

The Spanish version site is already rich in content and the technical specifications needed for those who need to know FaitalPRO’s solutions catalog. In just a few clicks any visitor is able to access product information, technical specifications, news releases, pictures, diagrams, and more—either through direct navigation or using the available search tools.

From the home page, visitors can directly access the various sections, contact FaitalPRO, place quotation requests, locate distributors, and access the video section and the entire product catalog.
Directly link to the new website in Spanish: www.faitalpro.com/es/
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