JBL Professional Introduces New EON208P Portable PA System and EON618S Powered Subwoofer at Winter NAMM 2016

February 4 2016, 03:00

Expanding the remarkable legacy of its EON Series, JBL Professional introduced the new EON208P portable PA system now with 8” speakers, Bluetooth streaming, integrated 8-channel mixer and more. The EON range was also expanded with the new EON618S 18-inch, 1000W powered subwoofer with wireless control, providing a powerful low-frequency extension to the EON series.

Among many new and improved products, at Winter NAMM 2016, JBL Professional by Harman announced the EON208P, a portable PA system developed for small bands, solo artists, coffeehouses, clubs, schools, meetings, worship events and health clubs. The JBL EON208P builds on the legacy of its predecessor, the JBL EON206P, with Bluetooth streaming, 8” speakers, an integrated 8-channel mixer and more.

The JBL EON208P system features two loudspeakers housed in versatile enclosures suitable for ground stacking or pole mounting. Each loudspeaker features an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch neodymium black nylon dome tweeter powered by a 320-watt power amp section. Like the rest of the JBL EON family, the EON208P features advanced waveguide technology for uniform coverage, and leverages the latest cabinet materials, acoustic science and transducer design for superior sound.

The integrated 8-channel mixer provides flexibility for a variety of applications. Channels 1-4 can accept either a 1/4-inch instrument cable or an XLR cable — and feature volume, reverb, treble and bass controls — making them perfect for DJs, singers and instrumentalists, and presenters. Additionally, channels 1-3 allow for both phantom power and Hi-Z input, enabling users to directly connect guitars, as well as mics and other devices that require phantom power. 

Channels 5 and 6 can accept either a stereo pair of 1/4-inch TRS plugs or stereo RCA cables, making them ideal for keyboards and media playback devices. Channels 7 and 8 accept a stereo 3.5mm input for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Lastly, users can connect Bluetooth-enabled devices directly via the Bluetooth pair button. The JBL 208P also offers a highly robust output section, allowing separate channels to run monitors, headphones and a subwoofer channel simultaneously.

Designed for easy portability, the lightweight JBL EON208P system is contained in a durable suitcase-style enclosure, and can be carried comfortably with just one hand. Convenient top buttons disengage the speakers when ready for use, and a 36mm pole socket facilitates easy mounting. The unit also features space to store the included power and speaker cables. 

“The JBL EON208P extends a tradition that started in 1995 with the introduction of the first HARMAN JBL EON portable PA loudspeakers,” said Craig Lambrecht, Retail Solutions, HARMAN Professional. “Nearly one million of which have been used for countless applications since.”

New JBL EON618S Powered Subwoofer
JBL Professional also showcased the new EON618S, an 18-inch, 1000W powered subwoofer that is durable, supports true low-frequency extension and can be controlled wirelessly. In keeping with its hugely popular predecessors in the long line of portable EON loudspeakers, the JBL EON618S is designed to meet the demands of today’s working musicians and sound providers in the areas of flexibility, portability and ease of use. JBL Professional designed the subwoofer to be simultaneously lightweight and rugged, aesthetically compatible with nearly any setting and, perhaps most importantly, capable of delivering sound that is both clear and powerful. 

While the JBL EON618S weighs in at just 78 pounds, it delivers a range of robust new features and capabilities. The subwoofer’s maximum SPL output is 134 dB, with a frequency range of 3Hz – 150Hz (-10 dB) and a frequency response of 42.5Hz – 150Hz (-3 dB). DSP parameters, including presets for EON600, EON200 and other manufacturers’ full-range loudspeakers, can be controlled via a Bluetooth app for iOS and Android. Selectable crossover presets are available through the EON Connect app. The JBL EON618S is tuned for optimal performance with the JBL EON610, JBL EON612 and JBL EON615 full-range systems.

Aesthetic and functional design enhancements to the JBL EON618S include premium handles, a standard M20 threaded pole cup and an extremely rugged enclosure. The JBL EON618S sub’s design maximizes cabinet volume while maintaining a highly transportable form factor. 

“Delivering a top-notch audio experience in both sound and function is a hallmark of the JBL brand,” said Craig Lambrecht, Retail Solutions Manager, HARMAN Professional. “With the addition of the EON618S we are proud to extend an already successful product line with a new 18” powered subwoofer that fills our customers’ needs for powered speaker technology and Bluetooth control.”

The new JBL EON products introduced at NAMM 2016 extend a tradition that started in 1995 with the introduction of the first JBL EON portable PA loudspeakers, nearly one million of which have been used for countless applications since. In January 2014, JBL Professional introduced the JBL EON600 Series loudspeakers, featuring waveguide technology for uniform coverage, an updated design with a new enclosure for road-worthy durability and Bluetooth control of all EQ functions for easy system adjustment. The entire JBL EON600 Series leverages the latest technologies in cabinet materials, acoustic science, transducer design and user friendliness. 
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