New FINEBox 2015 Software from LOUDSOFT

January 7 2015, 05:00
FineBox is a nonlinear high-power box design software which provides simulations of voice coil temperature and compression at high power in closed box, reflex, ABR, bandpass and inter-port alignments. All nonlinear T-S parameters and thermal data can be imported directly from FINEMotor, the company’s loudspeaker design tool. The latest version can also simulate micro speakers and very small volumes, including headphone rear cavities and holes. 

FINEBox 2015 imports all FM3 files from FINEMotor 2014/15. It is available with both rectangular microspeakers and standard. The software now displays driver sensitivity in two different modes: Maximum Theoretical Sensitivity, which is useful for microspeakers and Standard LOUDSOFT Sensitivity, which offers a lower conservative LOUDSOFT sound pressure level (SPL). 

Importing FINEMotor 2014/15 FM3 files show high-power voice coil temperature, motor temperature, and power compression. Direct input of Thiele-Small (T-S) parameters from Klippel and other programs is now possible.

The software also enables users to vary QTS and BL and immediately see the changes to the SPL response on the graphic display. Selecting the “Display values with extra precision” option enables users to observe the very small numbers used in microspeakers.
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