Yamaha Announces New DXS18 Best-in-Class Powered Subwoofer

August 17 2015, 03:10

Yamaha announced the release of the newest addition to the DXS Series of powered subwoofers, the DXS18. Joining the DXS12 and the DXS15 models, the DXS18 delivers the highest output level of the series as well as the lowest frequency range capability, while offering improved cabinet construction, DSP processing, protection functions, and crossover control.

In 2005, Nexo and Yamaha formed a strategic partnership to co-develop new sound reinforcement solutions, this cooperation yielded some of the most powerful and dependable high-performance digitally enhanced powered loudspeakers available in the market. The introduction of the DSR, the DXR, and the DBR series of full-range speakers, Yamaha’s powered speaker lineup, was the visible result of the French and the Japanese engineering teams’ successful cooperation, earning considerable acclaim worldwide.

Yamaha developed the DXS subwoofer Series to complement its speaker lineup and add a more prominent, well-defined bottom end to their sound. The DXS18 builds on its predecessors, the DXS12, and the DXS15, by offering improved cabinet construction, DSP processing, protection functions, and crossover control. The new model also adds flexible features and higher power output suitable for larger or more professional applications.

Powered by a 1020W Class-D amplifier, the DXS18 houses an 18” woofer with a durable 4” voice coil in a sturdy band-pass type plywood enclosure, which delivers an impressive 136 dB maximum SPL (and an extended low-frequency response down to 32 Hz), with exceptional clarity and minimal distortion. The new model features Yamaha’s proprietary DSP technology with original D-XSUB processing for additional control of the low frequency range via two selectable modes—BOOST and XTENDED LF—and a selectable crossover with three different options (80/100/120 Hz) for various applications. 

The DXS18 also features a Cardioid Mode setting for sound systems with two or more DXS18 speakers, effectively reducing the energy directed towards the stage while increasing bass levels directed at the audience.

Built with the expectation that users will transport and use these speakers extensively, the DXS18 features advanced protection circuits in the speaker unit, amplifier unit and power supply that ensure optimum reliability and extended equipment life. The enclosure is coated with a rugged, durable LINE-X finish, also used in disaster protection applications, giving the speaker exterior added protection from the elements.

The model also comes equipped with M20 and 35-mm pole sockets allowing for more flexible set up, while an optional wheel kit is also available for improved portability. Yamaha also offers optional speaker covers with a functional design that provide protection from unfavorable weather conditions during outdoor performances, dusty and dirty warehouse storage and the rigors of the road.

“Drawing from the constant feedback of Yamaha powered speaker users in the field, and the valuable insight we have accrued from our ongoing collaboration with the touring loudspeaker experts at Nexo, we have produced a subwoofer that will meet the strictest demands of customers and their expanding scope of sound reinforcement applications,” said Ken Hiraoka, department manager, Yamaha Pro Audio.

“By delivering a cabinet with impressive power output and extended low frequency range, this full-range speaker offers a powerful new solution to build sound systems for more large-scale venues and audiences.” The DXS18 (MSRP: $1,949) will ship in October 2015.
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