Yamaha, Steinberg and Harrison Announce Sound-for-Film Strategic Alliance

September 25 2015, 04:10

Yamaha Corporation (Japan) and its wholly owned subsidiary Steinberg Media Technologies (Germany) have announced a three-company strategic alliance with large-format console manufacturer Harrison Audio (United States) to develop solutions for substantially improving the workflow in the sound-for-film industry.
Yamaha and Steinberg Media Technologies have developed the Nuage system, announced in 2012, addressing the needs of film and post-production markets. The Nuage solution combines Yamaha’s control and interface hardware with Steinberg’s Nuendo software.
In 2005, Universal's Dub Room 4
(a.k.a. Alfred Hitchcock Theater)
installed a brand new Harrison MPC4-D.
This console has 384 processing channels,
each with 2 inputs, 8 bands of EQ,
full dynamics along with 64 bus limiters
and extensive routing options.
The console is over 30' long and
has more faders than any single console
in the world.
Harrison specializes in the development, manufacture and worldwide sales and marketing of large-format digital film mixing consoles, digital routing and wide-format monitoring systems, as well as custom software and hardware solutions dedicated to the sound-for-film industry.

Since 1972, Yamaha has been supplying a vast lineup of successful, innovative products spanning the entire professional audio spectrum, while Steinberg provides a strong reputation with feature of rich DAW and software integration solutions such as Nuendo, Cubase and VST plug-in technology for the sound-for-film, television, broadcast, live performance and music markets worldwide.

According to the three companies’ announcement, “the complex nature of today’s immersive sound-for-film productions requires top-down, seamless compatibility between large-format mixing theaters, smaller footprint mixing stages and editorial suites. For this reason, smart and efficient workflow improvements are needed to provide advanced file compatibility, control compatibility and automation compatibility between each area whereby streamlining the top-down facility workflow, while keeping the unique requirements of each area intact.”

This three-company strategic alliance will combine the strong reputation of Harrison’s large format technologies and expertise, Yamaha’s wide range of new and exciting post-production hardware products and Steinberg’s powerful array of advanced DAW and software products to provide fully integrated solutions for improving the productivity of the entire immersive film sound workflow.

“We are so excited about this opportunity with Harrison, a highly respected company in the long history of film industry. Through this strategic alliance we will provide innovative solutions for our valued customers,” commented Hogan Osawa, Executive Officer of Yamaha Corporation.

“We are elated to have Harrison with us. Their know-how will complement the fruitful cooperation between Yamaha and Steinberg for a sustainable future in a number of markets,” commented Andreas Stelling, Managing Director for Steinberg.

“All of us at Harrison are extremely excited to be part of this exciting new alliance. To be able to partner with an industry giant such as Yamaha along with a highly respected company like Steinberg is a truly unique opportunity for Harrison. Together, we will combine a broad range of products and expertise to provide powerful solutions for our customers,” commented Gary Thielman, President of Harrison Audio LLC.

From its Nashville, Tennessee, facilities, Harrison continues to design, manufacture and market large-format, professional audio mixing consoles for international film and television production, post-production, broadcasting, sound reinforcement and music recording markets.
The first Harrison console was delivered in 1975, marking the first milestone in a long history of technological breakthroughs by Harrison engineers. Since its inception, over 1,500 Harrison consoles have been installed worldwide, constituting a significant share of the overall world market for high-end audio consoles. Currently, approximately half of the installed user base are international customers, indicative of the reputation and acceptance of Harrison consoles worldwide.

Harrison’s current product offering includes mid to large format digital consoles (the MPC and Trion), analog consoles (the 950 series), microphone preamps (the Lineage), and a digital audio workstation (Mixbus).
Mixbus was Harrison's first entry into the consumer DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) market.  Launched in 2009, Mixbus is a full-featured DAW that incorporates many of Harrison’s mixing technologies. Mixbus is developed in collaboration with the community-developed open-source Ardour community and runs on all popular desktop computers (Mac, Windows, and Linux).
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