Acoustic Geometry Offers Home Room Packs Affordable Product Bundles

May 1 2019, 00:30
Acoustic Geometry is now shipping its Home Room Packs, a cost-effective grouping of acoustical products designed for residential audio spaces. Delivering better acoustical performance with five different options at discounted price points, these new product packages are a visually-elegant option for any room in the home. The bundles include diffusers and absorbers and are ready to ship in two different neutral finishes.

Acoustic Geometry's Home Room Packs were designed to address a range of common residential acoustical challenges, creating a perfect first-approach solution. Home Room Packs 1 and 2 affordably reduce echo and reverberation in small spaces. Room Packs 3, 4 and 5 combine broadband sound absorption with industry-leading phase-coherent diffusion.

Room Pack 1 includes a set of six Fabric-Wrapped Panel sound absorbers that improve the sound of smaller rooms, such as family rooms, dens or libraries. Pack 2’s addition of four larger and thicker Fabric-Wrapped Panel absorbers make it ideal for controlling sound in small home theaters and medium-size media rooms.

The Small Curve Diffusors included in Packs 3 and 4 evenly scatter sound energy, which results in a distributed sound-field that will greatly benefit medium to large home theaters, listening rooms and home studios. Home Room Pack 5 includes Medium and Small Curve Diffusors, making it a great value for larger home theaters, listening rooms and professional applications, like home recording studios and control rooms.

“Our Home Room Packs were created to provide customers with room-improvement solutions that are easy, effective and aesthetically pleasing,” says John Calder, retail director, Acoustic Geometry. “Each of the five money-saving packages can positively impact the sound in your home space, depending on its size and application. The Home Room Packs were carefully designed to complement home décor while offering professional quality sound control. We’ve heard great feedback from our recently introduced Pro Room Packs for the professional audio and recording community and wanted to bring equally-effective product packages to the residential market.”

These Home Room Packs are available in two ‘ship-from-stock’ fabric color options, Broadcast Serengeti or Broadcast Graphite, and any of the basic fabric colors, with a slightly longer lead time. Mounting hardware is included for all products in every Home and Pro Room Pack.
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