ARKAMYS SoundStage Audio Software Now Available On AKM AK7738 DSP

December 21 2017, 02:00
ARKAMYS, a French company specializing in digital sound processing for automotive solutions announced a partnership with Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) to enhance in-vehicle immersive audio experience for drivers and passengers. ARKAMYS successfully ported its audio enhancement software solution SoundStage Core on AKM’s AK7738 digital signal processor (DSP), leveraging the platform capabilities to enhance the surround sound effect achieved inside the car.

ARKAMYS specializes in 3D sound audio effects, voice processing and sound rendering and its sound spatialization software solutions are well established in the automotive world. ARKAMYS' SoundStage audio signal processing improves drivers and passenger listening comfort through the creation of an immersive soundstage, using vehicle audio systems with anything from 2 to 16 speakers. ARKAMYS solutions were integrated into more than 40 million vehicles in 2017 and the company established partnerships with more than 20 international brands, in the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, and China.

The AKM AK7738 DSP is suitable for car audio, display audio, car navigation systems and hands-free systems to improve the audio in-vehicle user experience. This audio/voice digital signal processor realizes high performance hands-free voice process in addition to audio process. ARKAMYS' SoundStage Core is used to achieve expansive and clear audio for automotive infotainment systems, even with entry-level dashboard radios, basic audio systems, entry-level DSP and ARM platforms. The 100% software solution is based on a combination of acoustic compensation algorithms, advanced audio rendering, spatialization processes, and specific in-vehicle tunings performed by the ARKAMYS audio specialists.

"With its advanced audio processing, SoundStage Core lets drivers and passengers experience music as if it is being played from a concert stage on their front dash. Our collaboration with AKM enable us to deliver enhanced solutions for in-vehicle infotainment, even for entry-level audio systems, in a cost-effective manner," says Philippe Tour, CEO of ARKAMYS.

"ARKAMYS is a cutting-edge software solution provider for sound, with performance that will greatly satisfy automobile owners. We are proud to feature ARKAMYS SoundStage inside AKM's Advanced DSP Audio ICs, and we will provide the best solution for customers with ARKAMYS," added Kimio Ueda, Vice President of AKM. |
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