Denso Ten and Cinemo Cooperate to Address Next Generation Automotive Infotainment Systems

June 7 2019, 00:15
Created at the end of 2008 and headquartered in Germany, Cinemo GmbH is a leading developer of automotive infotainment embedded solutions with a focus on performance, high-quality, support and service. The company announced that Denso Ten, an internationally recognized manufacturer of car navigation, infotainment, and communication systems will continue their collaboration with Cinemo on projects that set a benchmark in smart integration to enhance the quality of car head units and provide impressive multimedia and connected freedom to Denso Ten infotainment systems.

With years of expertise in multimedia, Cinemo works with its embedded partners in developing a modular and hardware independent software architecture and delivering a high performance high quality technology platform, with universal file and disc support, metadata, and a self-contained streaming architecture. Cinemo‘s In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solutions, include rear-seat and tablet-based multimedia, integrated connectivity, ultra-fast media management and cloud service integration, serving all operating system and hardware platforms. These solution have alreday been selected by 27 top car manufacturers and automotive companies for their current and future infotainment platforms.

High performance multimedia including ultra-fast media management, intelligent unified connectivity, and state-of-the-art projection automation such as Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto and Baidu CarLife, have been a mainstay of the Denso Ten partnership over the past four years. According to Cinemo, the projects between the companies offer a wide array of future-proof features that transform the digital cockpit into an interactive communication platform capable of delivering a smarter, richer, more interactive in-car experience.

“We are delighted that our relationship has deepened further since the first joint project back in 2015,” says Elif Ede, VP Sales of Cinemo. “With technology in the car evolving at a rapid pace, the high re-usability and scalability of Cinemo’s multimedia middleware is proving to be a critical element in the integration process as we move towards a connected future”. |
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