DPA Microphones Announces Versatile Base for d:screet Podium Microphones

December 6 2016, 03:00
Danish Professional Audio’s ultimate goal is to always provide the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for all its markets, which include live sound, installation, recording, theatre and broadcast. Following the recent introduction of its high-quality d:screet SC4098 Podium Microphone range, DPA announced a new Microphone Base with a sleek, Scandinavian design to the Corporate and AV market.

DPA Microphones is bringing a versatile solution for the installation market with the launch of the new Microphone Base, a new stand for its high-quality d:screet SC4098 Podium Microphone. The different needs and wishes of architects, AV consultants, system integrators and installing electricians are all catered to with the elegant design, the intelligible sound and the ease of installation provided by this new microphone base, in combination with the d:screet SC4098. 

Clear, intelligible sound is a vital requirement for any speaker addressing an audience. DPA already has this covered with its aesthetically pleasing d:screet Podium Microphone, which features a miniature d:screet supercardioid capsule that combines controlled directionality with rejection of background noise through its linear frequency response. The launch of the Microphone Base adds the finishing touch by providing an equally good-looking, versatile stand for the mic. Designed to be placed on a table or podium, or attached to the ceiling or even the wall, the Microphone Base is available in two colors – black and white – and comes with either a MicroDot connector, an XLR connector, or unterminated leads for connections to Phoenix blocks. 

The d:screet capsule is mounted on a sleek boom that, for the tabletop version, has a gooseneck at the top and the bottom, thus allowing users to position the mic exactly where they want it. The ceiling version consists of one gooseneck. In both versions, the cable can exit to the side of, or beneath the unit. To make it easier for installers to choose the right microphone and base for their needs, DPA has assembled a range of kits, each containing a different connector solution. For tabletop applications there are three kits consisting of a black base and a d:screet SC4098 with a 45cm (18in) gooseneck, while for ceiling applications there are three kits consisting of a white base and a d:screet SC4098 with a 15cm (6in) gooseneck. Of course, users will be able to buy the microphone base and microphone separately so that they can mix and match connectors, base colors and gooseneck lengths.

DPA Product Manager René Mørch says, “When it comes to choosing audio equipment, there are many conference venues where a pleasing aesthetic is just as important as sound quality. A company with a beautiful, antique boardroom table, for example, isn’t going to relish the thought of drilling a hole in it so they can attach a microphone. These elegant microphone solutions will add to a stylish meeting room, no matter if it has only one or several of the tabletop microphone solutions. Likewise, a venue where conferences are frequently videoed or broadcast might not want table-mounted microphones at all – they will be much happier with our ceiling base because it keeps the microphone out of view without compromising sound quality.”

Mørch adds that DPA audio quality comes as a standard with all variants of the Microphone Base solutions, thanks to the exceptional linearity of the d:screet SC4098 Supercardioid capsule. “These capsules have a uniform off-axis response, which means that even when ceiling mounted, they will perfectly capture the sound of every speaker,” states Mørch. “Those further away will sound just as natural as those closer to the microphone, with no loss of speech intelligibility or clarity.”

DPA’s new Microphone Base will start shipping at the end of December 2016. It will also be on display at ISE 2017, in Amsterdam. 
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