Innovox Audio Chooses Powersoft Amp Modules to Drive Its Loudspeakers

March 1 2017, 02:50
St. Paul, MN, -based Innovox Audio has selected Powersoft amplification modules for use in its Flex Synergy modular A/V loudspeakers and HLA Family Hybrid Line Arrays. Innovox, which specializes in loudspeakers for visual display support applications as well as houses of worship and small to midsize theaters and auditoriums, went with Powersoft D-Cell 504 and DigiMod modules for their products due to their superior sound quality, compact form factor, and advanced DSP integration.
Innovox’s Flex Synergy system for multimedia audio utilizes Powersoft’s D-cell 504 amplification modules.

Architectural loudspeaker company Innovox designs loudspeakers delivering uncompromising speech intelligibility and precise musical detail in form factors that allow its products to blend into their architectural surroundings and be clearly heard but not “seen”. According to Innovox founder, Chris Oswood, the Powersoft powerr modules help Innovox realize their loudspeaker design goals, enabling their products to consume as little space as possible while delivering clear, powerful audio in a range of environments, preserving architectural design goals.
“The capabilities of Powersoft amplifiers are well-synergized with our design priorities at Innovox,” says Oswood. “Sound quality is the key determining factor when choosing an amplifier for Innovox loudspeakers, and Powersoft amplification modules excel in that department. Their compact footprint also helps us minimize package size for power delivered, which allows integrators to obtain optimal functional placement with our HLA Family loudspeakers in any architectural environment and enables us pack in all the amplification required to power our Flex Synergy systems within the unit itself.”
Innovox’s Flex Synergy system is a modular corporate A/V solution that allows a customizable array of components, including Innovox’s compact ribbon high-frequency drivers, low frequency drivers, and mini-subwoofers, to be combined into a frame-like apparatus. The frame can be attached to a media screen and is sized to fit; applications have included media walls and screens upwards of 30 feet in width. Powersoft D-Cell 504 modules are installed within the frame for a completely self-contained audio delivery package and are technician accessible via a removable front grill without de-installation.

“Speech intelligibility is of critical importance in these applications, as often they are related to video conferencing solutions, and Powersoft amplification combines perfectly with our proprietary speaker design to allow listeners to decode the complex information presented,” says Oswood.
Innovox’s HLA family of loudspeakers
utilizes Powersoft’s Digimod amplifier modules.
The HLA Family of loudspeakers covers Innovox’s theater, auditorium, and houses of worship markets, the largest environments for which the company designs loudspeakers. Here, the high output and clarity of Powersoft’s Digimod amplifiers is critical to the success of Innovox’s designs. As with the Flex Synergy line, intelligibility of speech remains a key concern for Oswood and the Innovox team. The HLA Family utilizes Innovox’s own innovative loudspeaker technology, featuring arrays of their ribbon high frequency drivers and compact midrange drivers, further refined by the DSP embedded within their Powersoft modules.
Powersoft’s Armonía software provides Innovox with additional tools for maximizing the performance of their speakers with speech applications in mind. “Armonía is a powerful and flexible platform that enables us to ensure that our speakers are optimized for speech delivery out of the box. The ability to pre-load our custom presets into the Powersoft DSP before delivering the speakers ensures excellent performance and intelligibility even for smaller installations that may not have access to a dedicated expert to tune the system on-site,” Oswood explains. “Our integrators are extremely pleased that thanks to Powersoft DSP they are able to guarantee their clients that our speakers will perform well in any environment without additional tuning.
All of Innovox’s loudspeaker lines are built to order, allowing the company to select the perfect module based on the application and project budget. “With the HLA Family we use the Digimod 3004 most frequently, with DSP 4 and DSP D depending on performance requirements,” Oswood adds. Innovox can also build their units as passive loudspeakers for use with Powersoft rack amplifiers, preloading the rack amps with the exact Armonía presets they use on the Powersoft modules to ensure the same plug-and-play performance. 

“The form factor and DSP are amazing assets of Powersoft amplification, but ultimately it all comes down to the sound quality,” says Oswood. “Powersoft truly excels in that department, making it a cut above any other manufacturer on the market and enabling Innovox loudspeakers to perform to their full potential.” |
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