Sonosax Joins Sennheiser’s “Ambeo For VR” Partnership Program

October 19 2017, 05:10
At the 143rd AES Convention, Sennheiser has announced that Switzerland-based mixer and recorder manufacturer Sonosax will join the audio specialist’s “AMBEO for VR” partnership program. Officially launched at IBC 2017, the program has been created to ensure seamless production workflows and interoperability for VR and AR productions. It encompasses collaborations with acclaimed manufacturers of field recorders, VR live cameras and live streaming software, mixing plug-ins and VR platforms. 

A leading manufacturer of professional audio mixers and recorders for forty years, Sonosax has joined the “AMBEO for VR” partnership program with its SX-R4+ 16-track recorder. As well as including the Sennheiser A-to-B converter to enable simultaneous recording of the A and B formats or B Format only from the Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic, the recorder is also available with an optional, dedicated 12-pin socket for connecting the microphone. This eliminates the need for the split 4 x XLR audio cable – a significant step to make the lives of VR content creators easier.

“AMBEO for VR” partners and products now include the following solutions:
- Zoom and the F8 and F4 multitrack field recorders
- Aaton Digital, the Cantar X3 and CantarMini field recorders 
- Orah and the Vahana VR live stitching and streaming software
- Sphericam and the Beast camera 
- Noise Makers and the Ambi Head plug-in |
- Sonosax and the SX-R4+

The Sonosax SX-R4+ includes the A-to-B converter for the AMBEO VR Mic and provides a dedicated 12-pin socket for direct connection of the microphone.
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