Aviom Announces Three New Personal Mixer Packages

July 29 2015, 04:10

Personal mixing systems specialist, Aviom, is now offering three complete personal mixing system packages, the Mix320-A Personal Mixing System, the Mix320-Y Personal Mixing System, and the Mix320-D Personal Mixing System. All three packages are available immediately, and will be sold only in the US.

Each system is built around the A320 Personal Mixer, Aviom’s most affordable Personal Mixer to date. Designed to accommodate six users live on stage or in the recording studio, each system comes complete with everything required to connect and configure the products, including microphone stand mounts and Cat-5 cables.  

“Customers frequently inquire about which components they will need to configure a personal mixing system for their specific needs,” says Ross Warner, Aviom’s national sales director, “so we created these six-user starter packages to provide a simple solution for the three most often used front ends: analog, console card, and Dante network. 

The Mix320-A Personal Mixing System features the analog AN-16/i v.2 Input Module with 16 TRS balanced inputs as the front end of the system. The AN-16/i v.2 connects to a D400 A-Net Distributor with supplies digital data and DC power to its eight A-Net ports. Six A320 Personal Mixers, six MT-1a Mic Stand Mounts, and seven 25-foot Cat-5 cable round out the package. 

Created for users of Yamaha digital mixing consoles, the Mix320-Y Personal Mixing System includes a Y1 A-Net card to get digital audio from the mixing console into the Aviom system. The Y1 card’s A-Net output connects to a D400 A-Net Distributor, and from there Cat-5 cables connect the six A320 Personal Mixers. Mic stand mounts and Cat-5 cables are included in this system as well. 

The Mix320-D Personal Mixing System has been designed specifically for use with Dante enabled consoles and audio networks. The Mix320-D includes a D400-Dante A-Net Distributor that allows up to 32 channels to be patched from the Dante network to the personal mixing system inputs. “The Mix320-D leverages the power and flexibility of a Dante network with the simplicity of Aviom personal mixing,” adds Warner. No input device is required; simply connect the Dante network to the D400-Dante.

The D400-Dante is also used to supply A-Net digital data and DC power to the personal mixers. The system includes six A320 Personal Mixers for the performers, six MT-1a Mic Stand Mounts for attaching the A320 mixers to mic stands, plus all the Cat-5e cables needed to connect the products.

D400 and D400-Dante A-Net Now Shipping
Aviom also announced that its new D400 and D400-Dante A-Net Distributors are now shipping in the US and worldwide. The D400 and the D400-Dante A-Net Distributors are designed to distribute power and digital audio data to an Aviom personal mixing system and provide users with an easy and affordable way to get into Aviom personal mixing for live performance or recording applications.

“Having more Dante options in the Aviom product line really benefits those users with digital consoles as more and more manufacturers are adding a Dante option to their products,” explains Aviom’s national sales manager, Ross Warner. The D400-Dante allows up to 32 Dante channels to be routed to the personal mixing system, which makes connecting to a Dante-enable digital console or audio network as simple as plugging in a Cat-5 cable.

For more information on the D400 and D400-Dante systems, click here.
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