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Combining great articles, projects, and techniques for producing the best in quality audio, audioXpress connects manufacturers and distributors with audio engineers and enthusiasts eager for innovative solutions in sound, acoustic and electronics.

Voice Coil, the periodical for the loudspeaker industry, delivers product reviews, company profiles, industry news, and design tips straight to professional audio engineers and manufacturers who have the authority to make powerful purchasing decisions.

The Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook is the most comprehensive collection of listings on loudspeaker material in the industry. Purchasers and decision makers refer to the guide for an entire year when making selections on drivers, finished systems, adhesives, domes, crossovers, voice coils, and everything in between.

Published every other year, the World Tube Directory reaches thousands of pre-qualified and potential buyers of tube-related products. It’s the most up-to-date information sought after by tube audio engineers, DIY vacuum tube audio enthusiasts, musicians, and service personnel.

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