VUE Audiotechnik Provides Dante-Enabled h-12 Powered Speakers for Dante AV Networking World Fall Tour 2015

September 23 2015, 04:04

VUE Audiotechnik announced its participation in the Dante AV Networking World Fall Tour 2015, co-sponsored by more than 20 leading professional audio manufacturers. VUE Audiotechnik provides Dante-enabled loudspeakers for all of the free Dante AV Networking World seminars scheduled to take place across the United States, over a span of four months.

After the resounding success of its Spring regional training events, Audinate announced a Fall schedule of Dante AV Networking World conferences throughout U.S. (as well as Europe, Middle East and Asia). These free all-day events are designed for anyone interested in audio networking, and feature presentations, training workshops and interactive panel discussions led by industry experts.
The events are co-sponsored with 20 leading audio manufacturers, and each event will feature Dante-enabled product demonstrations from the sponsors, showing how to setup, troubleshoot and use Dante networks. In addition, there are detailed system design presentations from a variety of fields, including houses of worship, live sound, broadcast, corporate AV systems, entertainment venues, transportation and educational facilities.
VUE Audiotechnik is providing Dante-enabled loudspeakers for all of the Dante AV Networking World seminars scheduled to take place across the United States over a span of four months. VUE Audiotechnik provided its Dante enabled h-Class h-12 powered speakers as the lecture-hall PA system for all North American stops as well as h-Class elements in the sponsor’s pavilion.

Stops along the Dante AV Networking World Fall Tour 2015 include Los Angeles September 22, and will be followed by San Francisco on September 24th, Chicago on October 14th, October 28th in New York City coinciding with the AES show, November 17th in Nashville during the WFX show, and finally on December 9th in Miami. Attendance requires Registration.
Attendees also can learn about network-switch selection, redundant design and incorporating analog signal processors into Dante networks. Dante AV Networking World seminars are recommended for anyone involved with the design and installation of networked audio systems, including design consultants, system integrators and sound engineers.

“The industry has been looking for a suitable networking solution for more than a decade,” says Ken Berger, CEO of VUE. “Dante is well positioned to be that network. We’re excited to put our full support behind Dante in that role. Audinate’s efforts to disseminate networking knowledge through technical programs like this, is a great service to the industry.”
When designing the h-Class and V-Series, engineers at VUE Audiotechnik included Ethernet capabilities for use in network control and monitoring, anticipating that in the future they could expand the products to include Dante. The recent introduction of the Dante Ultimo chipset, a cost-effective Dante solution for low-channel-count applications, enables VUE DSP systems to incorporate Dante functionality at competitive price points. VUE users will now be able to incorporate h-Class and V Series products in any Dante network, including environments such as stadiums or theme parks, where Dante infrastructure is already in place.

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