Audeze Introduces LCD-i4 In-Ears Based on the LCD-4

May 19 2017, 03:10
Audeze has launched the LCD-i4 — an all-out assault on making the absolute best in-ear phones, scaling down the renown LCD-4 headphones, and creating what they believe can be “an “End Game” in-ear headphone for music lovers desiring many of the performance qualities of the LCD-4 for both in-home use or while traveling.” The new flagship in-ears were the highlight for Audeze at the 2017 High End show in Munich, Germany.

The $2,495 LCD-i4 utilizes the same ultra-thin diaphragm as the rave-reviewed LCD-4, “so thin it’s about the width of a white blood cell.” To this, Audeze adds its patented focused magnet technology, Fluxor and patented Uniforce voice-coil technology. Designed and assembled at Audeze’s California factory, its unique form factor is again a joint effort with strategic partner Designworks, a BMW Group Company.

“Audeze added more strength to their revolutionary iSINE-style housing by using a magnesium outer half, which adds real bass impact down to our 10Hz bass response. The magnesium also gives us sound-deadening properties to help prevent ringing, and therefore, smearing of the mid-to-high frequencies. Like our recently introduced iSINE 10 & iSINE 20 planar magnetic in-ears, the LCD-i4 presents a completely revolutionary listening experience. You finally get a truly wide and accurate soundstage, superior transient response, bass response flat from 900Hz down to 10Hz, and, because it is a single 30mm driver, it has a coherency of sound lacking in multi-driver designs. With an impedance of about 35 ohms, it should be used with a high-quality headphone amplifier,” the company said.

Completing the new LCD-i4 package is a new premium, braided cable made of silver- plated OCC copper with Kevlar threads for additional strength. Optional cables terminated in 4 pin XLR and 2.5mm TRRS balanced will be available soon. The weight of the remarkable LCD-i4 is only 12 grams per side.

“The LCD-i4 in-ear planar magnetic headphones approach the highest level of sound reproduction that the LCD-4’s are so highly regarded for, enabling the discriminating music lover to enjoy that extraordinary level of performance with them both inside and outside their home,” says CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram. “We’re really proud of this groundbreaking work, and are yet another example of how Audeze pushes headphone innovation to the absolute limit of performance and practicality,” he adds.

The new in-ear headphones ship in June and can be pre-ordered now on the company’s website and Audeze retailers.
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