Newfangled Audio Introduces EQuivocate Auditory Graphic EQ Plug-in

September 29 2017, 03:40
New York-based audio tools creator Newfangled Audio, announced availability of its new EQuivocate plug-in — entering the EQ fray for free (initially) with a plug-in premiere based on the critical bands of the human ear. Dan Gillespie, a former Eventide DSP engineer, created EQuivocate as the ideal EQ for naturally changing the tone of any sound, ideal for mixing and mastering applications. The plug-in is available through a distribution partnership with Eventide.

By combining traditional signal processing techniques with advances in the field of machine learning, Dan Gillespie decided to create Newfangled Audio to explore new directions and design "the best-sounding audio tools available." As EQuivocate uses filters that are modeled on the human ear, each of its 26 bands tickles a different part of the inner ear, making any combination of settings sound as natural as ‘humanly’ possible. Combining this with a linear-phase filter shape that reduces pre-echo makes EQuivocate an EQ with a difference that can clearly be heard.

EQuivocate’s Match EQ feature can be used to make the sound of any track match or complement an audio signal streamed to its sidechain. The plug-in can also be used to make a final master match the tone of a reference track, or help fit a sound into a dense mix. "Unlike other match EQ plug-ins, EQuivocate provides a transparent match without trying to model imperceptible differences which can cause a match EQ to sound unnatural. Feed your favorite song or individual track into it and instantly morph your tone to match," they explain.

The tool allows users to simply click and swipe with the mouse across the gain slider field to draw an EQ curve, and then fine tune it. Using the output level Auto button automatically compensates for level changes introduced by the EQ, while the Solo function allows listening to the output of one or more specific bands, making easier to find problem frequencies. Users can also add or remove filters to customize a sound and EQuivocate ships with presets produced by Richard Devine, Jeremy Lubsey, Alex Saltz, Sebastian Arocha Morton, Richard X, and John McCaig. Users can also create their own presets and quickly use the Compare button to toggle between two unique settings.

EQuivocate is exclusively available through Eventide as an AAX/AU/VST plug-in for Mac OS X 10.7+ and Windows 7+. It is offered for free until October 31, 2017 — rising to an MSRP of $99.00 USD.
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