NTi Audio Launches Useful Sound Level Visualization with the Projector PRO Update

August 9 2017, 03:00
NTi Audio has launched a new generation of the very popular display projector for the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The new version of this very popular sound level visualizer now features an XL View Level display, a prediction mode available in a separate window, and the ability to retrieve measurement data from the XL2 without interruption to the measurement process.

The Projector PRO software application connects via a USB port with the XL2 measuring device and visualizes its screen on a Windows or Mac computer. Additionally, large level displays and a level predictor that looks into the future round off the functionality for live sound applications. The XL2 Projector PRO software also supports direct access to the files stored in the XL2 during a running measurement. This makes it possible to continuously measure with the XL2, and, at the same time, collect already-completed data sets from the previous day.

To ensure that level limits are not exceeded in live sound applications, the FOH engineer must monitor several levels in parallel. The new XL2 Projector PRO offers an additional large screen mode, which continuously polls three selectable levels from the XL2 and displays them on the screen together with freely-definable limits. Warnings when levels are near or exceeding the limits are clearly visualized with orange or red backgrounds.

In the so-called Predictor mode (available in a separate window) the XL2 Projector PRO visualizes the level history of the current measurement interval and indicates the headroom for the immediate future. This allows the FOH engineer to optimize dynamic passages of the band for maximum audience satisfaction while still remaining within the legal limits.

The ability to retrieve measurement data from the XL2 without interruption to the measurement process provides the user with the possibility to implement a complete cost-effective monitoring environment. The entire file system of the XL2 is available while the XL2 is measuring. The complete data records of the previous day can be transferred to a local computer with drag & drop. 

The XL2 Projector PRO software is free of charge to all registered XL2 users. The large level display and the level predictor require that the Remote Measurement Option be installed on the XL2.
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