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December Products: Ultra Loudspeakers, GAGA Tube Guitar Amp, & More

November 20 2012, 13:01

The December 2012 issue of audioXpress features product information about a variety of must-have audio gear. Headphones, an amp, a mic, and more are detailed.

SVS Introduces New Ultra Series

SVS recently launched its Ultra series of full-range loudspeakers. The speakers are designed to deliver uncompromised audio performance, boast unsurpassed build quality, and cost-is-no-object performance at an affordable price.

SVS Ultra

The SVS Ultra series loudspeakers were designed by audio enthusiasts with more than 50 years combined experience in the high-end audio arena. The result is a loudspeaker that convincingly conveys the emotion of live music and home theater. The SVS Ultra series delivers a deep, detailed soundstage with incredible resolution, absolute transparency, and rich and articulated bass.

The lineup includes a 45?-tall upswept trapezoidal tower, a bookshelf speaker, a center channel, and a surround speaker. The result is a performance level even more expensive loudspeakers cannot match.

Every other speaker in the Ultra series has been designed to complement the Ultra Tower’s performance, with flush-mounted drivers to reduce diffraction and improve on-axis, high-frequency response, along with rear-mounted bass reflex ports (on the Tower, Bookshelf, and Center speakers) for phenomenal bass output and extension and minimal frequency response degradation.

New Tube Guitar Amp

Milbert Amplifiers introduces the GAGA D-30 tube guitar amplifier, the third in its line of Guitar Artists’s guitar amplifiers. Based on the revolutionary GAGA 90 and offering similar features and functions, the “domestic” model GAGA D-30 provides from 1 W up to 30 W of full-power audio output, is 11 lb total weight, and offers 120-V/240-V mains input.

Milbert GAGA D-30 tube guitar amplifier

The GAGA D-30 may be upgraded to either the domestic GAGA D-60 model, or to the international GAGA 90 model. The upgradeable nature of GAGA amplifiers extends its versatility.

Features common to GAGA amplifiers include: patented technologies; no traditional audio output transformer; light-weight, high-power capability; the ability to play more than 30 kinds of tubes in unlimited combinations, for tonal versatility; adjustable headroom for more distortion at low volumes (down to 1 W); Auto-Everything that auto-biases all tubes; Auto-Impedance and Blow-Proof universal speaker outputs; advanced, regulated power supplies; extended tube lifetimes and Auto-Standby; P3-Ready 9-V high-current phantom power for pedals and active pickups; upgradeability throughout the amplifier series; and it’s made in U.S.

Image ONE Series Gains Bluetooth Model & Product Upgrades

Klipsch now offers its new Image ONE Bluetooth and an upgraded Image ONE. Catering to on-ear enthusiasts, these headphones maintain the same high-quality sound signature and comfort while introducing enhancements in build, functionality, design, and performance. With the launch of these two Image ONE series models, Klipsch introduces upgraded, flat cabling (attached only to the left ear cup) for added durability and tangle resistance, and a flat-folding, collapsible design.

Klipsch Image ONE

The Image ONE Bluetooth serves as Klipsch’s first wireless headphone model. Given its utilization of Hi-Fi Bluetooth (A2DP) audio quality and aptX Codec for lossless streaming, users experience high-performance, uninterrupted listening. The Image ONE Bluetooth’s wireless capabilities are enabled via its built-in rechargeable battery, with wired connection still possible via the included direct-connect audio cable. Large, easily-accessible controls are located on the right ear cup for controlling playlists and phone calls.

Maintaining the same acoustics of the current model, the updated Image ONE provides listeners with flat earpads and an adjustable leather headband for optimal comfort and fit, still providing superior levels of noise isolation. Simplifying cable design, the headphone utilizes only one cable that feeds into the left ear cup. Because the headphone’s ear cups fold flat into the headphone, a smaller carrying case is provided for more compact storage. The same three-button remote and mic is housed on the cable for full call and music control with Apple devices.



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