DTS Announces DTS:X Creator Suite for Immersive Object-Based Audio

May 3 2017, 03:10
DTS, now a part Of Xperi (former Tessera Holdings) finally introduced its DTS:X Creator Suite, with all the needed tools for professional content production of immersive, object-based DTS Audio for cinema, Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and other home formats. The new DTS:X Creator Suite provides the ability to encode, mix and deliver in both DTS:X and DTS Headphone:X formats, combining all the previous existing software tools, including MDA Tools and DTS:X Encoder Suite.

"The DTS:X Creator Suite is a comprehensive software solution that will provide professional content creators the latest tools to create and deliver compelling immersive audio experiences," says Bill Neighbors, general manager of cinema, digital media and streaming solutions at Xperi. "DTS is committed to providing professionals with the tools that meet their high standards, and with the DTS:X Creator Suite, we are able to ensure the production workflow is efficient, reliable and consistent."

The DTS:X Creator Suite includes all the existing software tools that the company has been demonstrating for some time, including  MDA Tools, based on the, now royalty-free, open standard audio MDA technology, featuring full DTS:X ecosystem support; the DTS:X Encoder Suite, to encode, modify and verify audio bitstreams prior to multiplexing and authoring, with support of up to 11.1-channel and object-based encoding of DTS:X; and DTS Headphone:X Monitor – Home Video, the mixing tool for immersive content without height speakers, and headphone content delivered as DTS Headphone:X.

The DTS:X Creator Suite enables the creation of DTS content as MDA for Digital Cinema and Episodic content markets. It also prepares content for Home market delivery as Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, VIDITY as well as for Streaming services. Unlike other immersive, object-based production tools, the DTS:X Creator Suite is a comprehensive software solution with no extraneous hardware requirements, and is available at an affordable price point.

The following tools are included in this release:

MDA Tools (MDA Creator/Bus, MDA Admin/Control)
The MDA Tools create object based, immersive content for Digital Cinema and home. The tools are built around MDA Creator, a software plug-in for object based mixing in Pro Tools, and provide a highly efficient and flexible solution for modern professional content production needs. MDA Tools feature full DTS:X ecosystem support and are based on MDA, a royalty free, open standard audio technology.

DTS:X Encoder Tool
The DTS:X Encoder enables Digital Media content professionals to create legacy DTS-HD and next-generation DTS:X Master Audio bit streams for Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray and other Digital Media formats. Providing support for up to 11.1 channel- based and object-based encodes, immersive DTS:X content can be created from a variety of audio source files including: PCM WAV, Broadcast WAV, AIF/AIFF or M2X files.

DTS:X Bitstream Tools
DTS:X Bitstream Tools is a collection of file editing and verification tools that enables content professionals to edit or verify previously encoded DTS:X, DTS-HD, MDA and M2X files without the need for an additional encode or export pass.

DTS:X MediaPlayer
DTS:X MediaPlayer enables Digital Media content professionals the ability to QC (quality control) DTS audio against video prior to final multiplexing, authoring or packaging. The product supports various files types and video formats with controls and settings required to complete this critical step in the Digital Media content creation process. DTS:X MediaPlayer is the only commercial software tool in market currently that can play DTS:X audio against video.

DTS Headphone:X Monitor – Home Video
DTS Headphone:X Monitor – Home Video is a plug-in used with Digital Audio Workstations to assist in the creation of immersive audio content. This tool can be used to create immersive mixes when no height channel speakers are present. This is particularly useful when creating DME (dialog, music, effects) mixes in smaller editing bays. This tool, when used with a Digital Audio Workstation, can also be used to create a stereo PCM WAV DTS Headphone:X track suitable for encoding for Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray or other home video delivery formats.

The DTS:X Creator Suite retails for $3,995 and will be available through Westlake Pro beginning late May 2017.
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