Focusrite Confirms iTrack One Pre Recording Interface Now Available

August 15 2017, 06:00
Announced earlier in 2017, British company Focusrite confirmed its new compact recording interface has now received Apple's MFi certification and is now available. The iTrack One Pre is an elegant and compact portable audio interface, combining a mic preamp and guitar input, designed for recording high-resolution audio directly to an iPhone or iPad without the need for external power. With a micro-suction base, iTrack One Pre will stick on any flat surface without moving, inviting users to record their tracks while on the go.

Focusrite’s iTrack One Pre also generates phantom power from iPhones and iPads, so users can record with professional condenser microphones whenever they want. The preamp in iTrack One Pre enables users to capture crisp and clear recordings of vocals and acoustic instruments directly into their favourite apps, including Garageband. The right recording level is set via the illuminated gain halo - green is good, red is clipping - a technology directly adapted from Focusrite's larger studio interfaces.

Even with exceptionally hot guitar pickups, the high-headroom guitar input will capture every element of tone and playing style without any clipping or unwanted distortion. Officially Apple certified, iTrack One Pre works perfectly with iOS devices up to and including iPhone 6s, and music making apps including Novation's iOS app Blocs Wave – powerful and beautifully designed for making and recording new music, combining new ideas and real-time loop recording.

The iTrack One Pre is available now for US $129.99.
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