HEAD acoustics Introduces High-Precision HRT I Measurement Turntable

November 24 2017, 03:10
HEAD acoustics launched the HRT I (HEAD acoustics Remote-operated Turntable), a high-precision turntable allowing users to perform automated, orientation-dependent acoustic measurements. The rotation unit of the turntable offers a 360-degree rotation range, which can be approached in 0.1-degree steps, allowing manual or automated measurements.
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With the help of the new turntable, mobile phones, televisions with pedestal, (video) conference systems, loudspeakers, and measurement equipment, such as HEAD acoustics' HMS artificial head measurement system with torso box, can be rotated to specific angles.

The rotation unit of the new HRT I turntable offers a 360-degree rotation range, which can be approached in 0.1-degree steps. The adjusted angles can be reproduced to an accuracy of 0.02 degrees. The HRT I can be operated manually via buttons on the front panel of the turntable. This allows users to set an absolute reference position (0° position) and rotate the turntable clockwise or counter-clockwise. 

In addition to manual control, users can control the HRT I fully automatically via the communication analysis system ACQUA to conduct fully automated measurements. Based on the RS485 interface, data transmission over long distances is also possible. 

The turntable has a sturdy design, allowing test objects up to 50 kg to be aligned with precision. The HRT I was designed in such a way that it does not generate any noise in the measurement position. Only during rotation there is a low noise emission.

HEAD acoustics was founded in 1986 and has been involved in noise and vibration, electroacoustic and voice quality testing since its inception. HEAD acoustics is based in Herzogenrath, Germany, with affiliates in China, France, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea and USA as well as a world-wide network of representatives.
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