Sennheiser Launches AMBEO AR One In-Ear Headphones for Magic Leap One Glasses

October 10 2018, 00:45
Delivering on the collaboration announcement with Magic Leap, Sennheiser unveiled the AMBEO AR One in-ear headphones – the first spatial listening accessory to receive official certification by Magic Leap, the spatial computing and augmented reality pioneer. Also launched is the accompanying AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab app, providing users with full control over environmental sound and enabling developers and creators to craft powerful spatial computing experiences in which real sounds seamlessly blend with virtual audio.

"Behind every thrilling spatial computing experience is the intense, sustained focus of developers and creators, who expertly integrate the latest in visual and audio technologies. With these professionals in mind, Sennheiser worked in close collaboration with Magic Leap to develop the new AMBEO AR One in-ears and the AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab companion app to create the perfect complement to the Magic Leap One Creator Edition," the company states.

“It is exciting to be able to offer the first spatial listening accessory certified under the ‘Works with Magic Leap’ program, along with a completely new way to create spatial soundscapes with the AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab,” says Véronique Larcher, co-Director AMBEO at Sennheiser. “Now with control over how much their audio composition is overheard by those around, and how much they wish to stay connected to the outside world, developers can create spatial audio worlds with Magic Leap One according to their own sound rules.”

The AMBEO AR One earphones feature the same Transparent Hearing function as the original AMBEO Smart Headset, developed in collaboration with Apogee. At the touch of a button, developers and creators can choose how much of the outside world’s sound, captured by the headset’s built-in microphones, blends into their spatial audio experience. By mixing the right level of external acoustic environment with the virtual audio world, developers can create truly immersive and social experiences. Watch an introductory animation to Transparent Hearing at

The AMBEO AR One also provides effective sealing through its Comply ear tips, which expand to perfectly fit the ear canal. They enable creators to shut out external noise to focus on the audio content undisturbed, and also ensure optimum bass reproduction. Lightweight and discreet, the AMBEO AR One is also ideal for enjoying music after work, with their ear hook design and range of silicon adapters that keep the earphones secure and comfortable.

Also new, the AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab app is a fun, creative sandbox-style application for the AMBEO AR One earphones and the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. It allows developers to play around with real world sounds and use them to create unique spatial soundscapes. The Transparent Hearing function of the AMBEO AR One earphones allows users to discover interesting sounds in the world around them. They can record them in the app as loops and mix them with loop banks. Several loop banks will be provided for users to get started, including one by beatboxer and music producer SK Shlomo.

The app allows users to create and share unique soundscapes – leveraging the 3D audio capabilities of Magic Leap Soundfield Audio (MSA). The AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab app visualizes the sound loops as a constellation of pulsing spheres and swirls of energy. Users can grab them, position them anywhere in the virtual world, interact with them, and physically wander inside their 3D audio composition. These unique experiences can be captured and shared on YouTube and Twitter.

"The AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab invites users to explore the musical potential of the world around them, enabling them to create soundscapes in a way that has never been possible before," Sennheiser states. SK Shlomo was excited to be asked to work on this project and produce a loop bank for the AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab: “For an artist like me who loves to create spontaneously with loops, seeing those sounds instantaneously transformed into living, pulsing 3D visualizations that you can pick up and bounce around the space you're in, with full binaural sound is just mind blowing.” Watch and listen to SK Shlomo creating a fun beatbox experience:

Priced at $250, the AMBEO AR One will be available from November 2018 through Magic Leap in the USA. The free AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab will be available for download as “AMBEO Lab” from the Magic Leap app store “Magic Leap World”.
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