Ultrasone Announces SIRIUS aptX Bluetooth Adapter to Transform Conventional Headphones to Wireless

July 19 2017, 04:00
Now, there's an original approach to wireless! Instead of forcing happy users of its standard headphones to buy a new Bluetooth model, German company Ultrasone designed the SIRIUS aptX Bluetooth adapter. This ultra compact Bluetooth adapter can be simply attached to any Ultrasone Performance headphone series model, converting standard wired headphones into a wireless Bluetooth headset, complete with microphone.

Goodbye cable, hello Bluetooth! The new Ultrasone SIRIUS aptX Bluetooth adapter transforms classic headphones to Bluetooth headphones in next to no time. And thanks to Qualcomm's aptX codec, users can get the best existing wireless audio transmission directly integrated in its existing headphones, enjoying music for up to 12 hours at a time. And the SIRIUS adapter also turns Ultrasone's Performance headphones into a headset, as a microphone is integrated into the compact housing.

The Performance series is Ultrasone’s mid range of closed dynamic all-round headphones, targeting music enjoyment, gaming, computer use or as headphones for on the go. The range starts with the Perfomance 820 entry-level model, available in 3 different colors ($199.00), evolves to the Performance 840 model fitted with a 40-mm transducer with a more focussed bass range ($299.00), includes the Performance 860, with gold-plated, 40-mm transducers, and improved linearity ($399.00), and is topped by the Performance 880, using titanium-coated drivers ($399.00). Adding the Ultrasone SIRIUS adapter, any of those models will be able be converted to wireless, and remain a competitive proposition compared to purchasing a completely new equivalent Bluetooth model.

The SIRIUS ultra-compact Bluetooth adapter features a curved design perfectly adapted to the shape of the headphones, adding just 12 grams on the housing which holds the jack input for the removable cable. Thanks to a bayonet fastening, the cable can be simply removed and the SIRIUS attached, quickly transforming the wired headphones into a Bluetooth model.

The Ultrasone SIRIUS uses a high-resolution aptX Bluetooth codec to transmit audio wirelessly from compatible smartphones, tablets, notebooks, computers and hi-fi systems, allowing the highest possible quality. In addition to the Bluetooth module, which supports standard Bluetooth profiles, the SIRIUS also contains a powerful amplifier to enhance sound reproduction – just as if the SIRIUS were connected to a high-quality headphone amplifier.

Thanks to the integrated microphone, Ultrasone Performance headphones when combined with the SIRIUS can be used to make calls on a smartphone, to take part in video conferences on a computer or notebook, or as wireless gaming headphones. Ultrasone indicates that the Sirius allows users to be as far as 20 meters away from the Bluetooth source.

Apart from the on/off button, there are two buttons on the side of the SIRIUS to allow volume adjustments, and a play/pause button that can be used to start and stop the music playing on the connected device. Inside, the Ultrasone SIRIUS has a powerful rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of continuous use, and up to 160 hours in standby. It takes around one hour to fully charge the SIRIUS, and a compact mains adapter is included in the set.

The SIRIUS adapter will be available August 2017, but no price was confirmed as yet. Ultrasone is also offering the Sirius BT Adapter within the complete Performance series headphones as cost saving bundle.
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